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The Eclipsed Moon

Okay, I couldn’t really stay for a longer period to get the cover up for the moon, but yes, I somehow managed to get few decent enough pictures of the lunar eclipse. This was taken with the help of┬ábinoculars, otherwise the moon wouldn’t have even been visible!

Moon 1
Initial Stage
Moon 2

Stage 2

Moon 3

Stage 3

Moon 4

Stage 4

Moon 5

The Final Stage. The small speck in the middle, near the green is the Moon

Moon 5

Even though it's hardly visible, but it's there! The small blurry grey spot is the moon.

And the reason why Apple Inc should start making camera’s according to me is because of the shutter speed.

Anyhow, the weather is kick ass. Thunderstorm, the cool breeze and the sprinkling water just dissipated my tiredness. The sky kept on dazzling as if a diamond was being closely inspected by a jeweler.

So, I went downstairs to capture my favorite lightning and I was really lucky today to get so many! I LOVE APPLE.

Lightning 1

Lightning 2

Lightning 3

Lightning 4

Lightning 5

This somehow came a lot more detailed than I expected it to.

Lightning 6

Lightning 7

Lightning 8