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Winds of Change

Part – Un

How would you feel, if you wake up one morning, go to your kitchen to make some coffee for yourself and cannot find your coffee machine at the same spot where you left it last night?

Seems straight from the scene of How I Met Your Mother when Lily moves in with Ted and Marshall.

Well, it’s going to be the same for me from tomorrow evening. No more reason to get up every morning and dreadfully running up and down my place and get ready because my friends would be waiting for me at the Metro station. Numerous messages being exchanged midst “Where are you?”, “How much time till Kashmere Gate?” “Wait for me at McD” “He won’t let us enter the class if we are 5 mins late” etc.

No more reason to bunk to meet your college sweetheart and go out and have fun.

Part – Deux

The part where Lily leaves Marshall for San Francisco only to make each other realize how much they honestly love each other so much. Well the latter comes later.

You know you are meant to be together and things are running perfectly normal, but then all of a sudden, you realize, I need to go out and see the world. Get to know whether I still have the capability to achieve what I desire. Then within a span of few minutes, your priorities just change, you feel trapped because the way you saw your life to be maybe few years back, hasn’t really turned out the way you expected to be. Reason – because you madly fell in love with someone and their priorities became your priorities without they even asking you to change it.

I guess it happens with most of us. Well most may include only 5-10% of the population but still.

You have grown so habitual to waking up at mornings, receiving sweet messages from them to make your day. Or you have someone who can listen to all your complains without a single word, listen to all your weird fantasies without blinking an eye, someone you can run up to when you need to cry or hug. Sad days will become days to strengthen yourself by just keeping it to yourselves or happy days will still be just a simple single “yeay” days because you don’t have someone special to show it off too.

You do know that you still love that person the same way you used to.

I’m already bored writing this. I’m so bored. And I still have one day of college left. With my exam. 😛 I feel so dumb. Maybe I’ll continue this later. 😛

Or maybe not. I know you get bored too by reading me crib all freaking day long! 😛

PS: Try adding silly random tags. Feels awesome. 😀

Dark (K)Night!

Okay. So today is apparently the darkest night. Most of the news channels here in India are either busy in investigation of a murder of a journalist by the mafias, and others busy discussing the aftermath of this Lunar Eclipse (15 June 2011 – 16 June 2011) on our respective horoscopes and what should we do to make it beneficial for our own sake.

Well, I can help by just posting up the effects of this eclipse on your respective horoscope (not necessary that it will happen for sure) and I’ll be up most of the night (or at least try, if our dear vampire friends – Mosquitoes – don’t try to suck most of the blood out of my veins) trying to capture the new “Bloody-Red” moon we might see.

Anyhow the following is with respect to your MOON SIGN.

Here is the link to calculate it:



Effect of this Lunar Eclipse would be felt between 15th June, 2011 and 10th December, 2011.


Any of your work, which has a foreign connection, may finally be completed. If you have planned a long distance trip, for work or for pleasure, it is advisable for you to be very careful. There may be some worries on the domestic front as well. Relations with siblings may be strained. You might have to put in extra efforts to resolve domestic problems.


Take good care of your health during this period. Care also needs to be taken in matters related to joint bank accounts or joint finances. Matters related to inheritance may finally be sorted out.


It is the right time to take decisions regarding business partnerships. On the personal front, advised to avoid arguments with your spouse or beloved, as misunderstandings are likely. To put it in a nutshell, you need to keep your cool while dealing with everyone around you.


The eclipse is likely to affect your health, and you may be down with some illness but it is also assures that it’s temporary. This Eclipse can by and large affect your vitality. It is not the right time to make the big decisions regarding a job change or your career.


This is the right time to address issues related to studies and your kids. But, avoid speculation. On the financial front, this period could be quite average, so you need to handle money matters with utmost care.


You may remain concerned about the health of either of your parents. Work on the Job/business front may become increasingly demanding as the time passes. Well, it’s the right time to start looking for better job options. You will try to resolve all the issues at the home front.


Be scrupulous while signing or writing official documents, as there are chances of misunderstandings and misgivings. Relations with siblings are likely to be strained. Short distance trips undertaken during this period would turn out to be exhausting.


Family and finance will be the causes of concern. Handle both these factors with utmost care. Ensure that you don’t pull someone down or put someone off by saying something too harsh. This could be a challenging period.


The Lunar eclipse may bring along mental stress or some physical illness. During this period you may work really hard to maintain the status quo of things. Some of your personal goals may be accomplished during this period.


Unexpected expenses are likely to crop up during this period. Suggested that you should avoid major investments during this phase. This eclipse will teach you how to discriminate between well-wishers and enemies.


The misunderstandings between you and a close friend may either be sorted out or you may permanently put a full stop to the relationship. Financial gains seem distant; hence you may need to cultivate patience. You may decide to learn an entirely new subject but the process may turn out to be slightly tedious.


This is the time to put an end to burning issues at the job or business front. The health of your mother or father may be a source of worry. Tensions at home and workload in office may stress you out but you won’t give up. This will ultimately help you climb another step on the ladder of success.

This horoscope has been predicted by Bhavesh N. Pattni, who is working under a very famous astrologer Bejan Daruwalla.