I’m not one of the hardcore regular bloggers, who blog every single day. No offense to any of them though. And might be that my posts may not even be interesting to read at times. But I just needed a new blog where I can get serious. Serious with my thoughts, my words, my actions. Act more mature,and not post crappy things about people just because I’m jealous of them (or maybe not), and etc. I hope you got the hang of it.

But yes. I’ll make sure to pen up interesting posts, and hope to get good responses from people all over because apparently none of my friends from college have a blog account. So I’m pretty much here on my own.

So. Yeah! Enough of the serious drama. I’m just another under-grad student pursuing Engineering in Computer Science from a real – real sad university in India. I currently have no future because of my really amazing grades which I worked hard for. And soon (i.e. in a year), my life will be in a sucker-hole.

Apart from that, my interest varies from time to time. And depends upon what I follow up on the internet. Like once, I came across a Polyvore account of a girl and I really liked the idea of mixing and matching clothes and defining own style. So there I was, with my own Polyvore account. But I lost my interest soon thereafter. Then I subscribed to various groups on Yahoo! relating to card making, embossing, mosaics. But in India, it’s really hard to get good tools to exercise your imagination and putting it onto card stock. And it was really a job cleaning up your account after regular intervals because within an hour my inbox would get filled with at least 20 new updates. So just in case, I was out of town for even 2 days, my mails would go from 0 to 300+ unread messages.

Then I started looking for nice photography e-books. I had a thing for clicks, like my dad. Unfortunately I don’t own a SLR Camera, so I just have to work with my digi. That interest keeps on fluctuating too. Then I had a blog on Blogger, but it started getting personal, so I had search for new one to hop on. And finally I landed up here.

But it’s really inspiring to see people who were just roaming in anonymity to rise and be known as “That-Guy/Girl” who writes about this and that. I come across so many people who’s simple photographs or posts motivate to pursue any one of my hobby. Thanks to all of them.

So anyhow, enough of the chattering. I’m not really this boring. And I hope I make it big somewhere. And my English is not that great either but I resumed reading books now. Also I have a thing for Fashion, Photography, Cooking, Art, Music, Dance and playing retarded games. I just own one Apple product (iPod Touch 4G). My music tastes varies from Metal (metalcore, death, black, melodic death) to Trance and Dubstep. I listen to almost every genre except Jazz, Country, A Capella, and related. Chocolates gives me the kick and drive to start jumping again. Favorite being Lindts, Ferrero, Toblerone, Goldkenn to name a few. And then Hip Hop style of dance (Thousand likes), and latest addiction is dancing to dubstep. I also like to randomly surf up anything. I like horror and romantic-comedy movies. My top shows are HIMYM, Community, Glee, Top Gear, South Park, Simpson, Big Bang Theory. I like artistic stuff and will keep on uploading pics about my choice.

Rest you should get updated on pretty much regular basis. Fingers Crossed.



(I feel so Paris Hilton right now!)


PS: Listen to one of my fave songs:

Distance (Drop\’s Electrip Enhancement) by Soilwork