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If Only You Could Turn Time..

I was reading an article about this young woman from Australia, whose dream was to capture the magnificent and majestic Titanic. As luck could never get any better, she was one of the chosen to explore the unsinkable settled deep under calm Atlantic. Apparently the video shot by her has been used in the documentary “The Last Mysteries of Titanic”.

That got me thinking, if I could just turn back time, or even have a time machine, what will be my 3 W’s?

  1. Definitely, I would like to go the time when Titanic was there. To feel the extravagance, see the romance of Jack and Rose, the intense situation when it was sinking.
  2. 1950’s. The world actually started in the 50’s. Rock n Roll, Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, Sputnik launch, Cadillac and Corvette, post World War – II and India’s independence – everything.
  3. Whenever Jensen Ackles got himself a girlfriend and married her. Not cool man, Not cool. I would have swooped right in and hugged him and told him we’re meant to be together! *barfs at my statement. Hearts Jensen*

  4. Future when the sun finally collapses and turns into a black hole and eats up everything.
  5. Maybe when man “stepped” on moon. *I’m still doubtful about the actual thing because even if the Americans were serious enough about making people land on moon, they just prove it again by putting one now and ending this never ending controversy once and for all* *No offence to anyone. Just a general thought*
  6. Egyptians! I LOVE CLEOPATRA’S style.
  7. The time when physics and math was getting started. I would take a bloody bazooka and blow all of them up who were dedicating their lives to ensure the misery of the future generation.
  8. Again future to know is the world same as what they show in movies and Jetsons?!
  9. 1980-90’s. The evolution of metal and my favorite cartoon shows! They had the best that time. I miss all of them so much.
  10. When Vesuvius finally engulfed Pompeii.

  11.  When Italy invented PIZZA!

  12. When France and Switzerland probably thought of making the world’s finest chocolates.

  13. Pearl Harbor & when Japan was bombed by America.

  14. When my mom was still young in her early 20’s. God, she looked so beautiful! I could just sit and adore her for days!
  15. Travel the world with Terjes and see the world’s beauty like never before. *I’m not his promoter. I’m just plain crazy about his work*
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A lot will be updated later. For the time being, this is somewhat it. 😀

Thank You!

No. I’m not dying to just to clear the air out.

One more day (IST) for my birthday. And I feel like a flattened coke!

What I was 50 days ago, is completely different from what I’m experiencing  right now. The excitement of turning an year more (although it’s a curse for most of the women, but I accept it gracefully) seems like  just another far fetched dream. Not that I’m sad about walking a step towards old age, but because I won’t get to celebrate it the way I want it too. But to be pretty honest, right now, at this very moment, it doesn’t bother me.

So, gloominess apart, I was just fooling around on Google, searching for some birthday related superstitions, and this is what I came across which is common and observed by the people in different parts of the world:

Belarus, Europe:

  • If you stumble with your right leg, and your birthday is an odd day, or
    if you stumble with your left leg and your birthday is an even day, this means luck.
  • If you stumble with your right leg, and your birthday is an even day, or
    if you stumble with your left leg and your birthday is an odd day, this means bad luck. Then you have to give it away by touching someone, or something.

Bulgaria & Ukraine, Europe:

  • One should not celebrate one’s birthday before the date of birth. This brings bad luck.

Podolsk, Moscow region, Russia:

  • When you become 40 years old, you should try to avoid that any one will congratulate you with your birthday. Reason being receiving congratulations for your 40th birthday, means bad luck for the rest of your life. Therefore, people will try to avoid friends and acquaintances and may leave their house for some days, before, on and after the birthday. This belief is not common in whole Russia, and thus not known by all people.

Poland, Europe:

  • In Poland many people do not celebrate their birthday when they get older/after age of 30 years. They may organize a party on their name day instead.

Romania, Europe:

  • Put candles on the pie, light them and the person whose has his anniversary, has to blow them out (if all are blown at once, the better). Some people put the same number as the age, some put an extra candle (to make the number odd).
Other Birthday related information and traditions:

BIRTHDAYS:  Celebrating birthdays dates to ancient times, when man first began to understand the stars.  It became important to know the exact moment, day, month, and year, of one’s birth.  With these all-important facts, a horoscope could be drawn, and in those days a horoscope was essential.

The Egyptian pharaohs celebrated their birthdays in a big way.  Back then the amount of celebrating a person did generally had to do with the extent of his or her money and power.  Rich Romans held circuses.

We know that Cleopatra and Nero enjoyed their birthdays, as did most Romans and Greeks.  Augustus held a birthday celebration for himself every month!

Good wishes are offered to the birthday person in an attempt to protect him or her from evil spirits.  The chances of spirits causing mischief on a birthday are considered great, because spirits of all kinds are said to be attracted by celebrations and by times of change, and this dangerous combination comes together at birthday time.

The birthday celebration dates to recorded time. The modern party probably started in early Germany, where children were given gifts and had a candle rimmed cake.  (See Birthday Cake below)

Birthday customs changed a lot after Christ was born.  Children were named after saints and celebrated the birthday of the saints after whom they were named instead of their real birthdays.  Today many children celebrate both days.

The idea of someone “worth his weight in gold”  comes from a birthday tradition in the East. Foe example the Aga Khan III on his sixtieth birthday topped the scales at 243 pounds and received that amount in gold and diamonds.

One of the best birthday ideas comes from China.  There people once believed that when a person reached the age of sixty, he or she got to start all over again.

BIRTHDAY CAKE:  Thanks to the Greek goddess Artemis, the goddess of the moon, we have such things as birthday cakes.  Artemis’s birthday was celebrated with moon-shaped honey cakes with candles on top.

Holy books from many religions say that if a phrase is written upon a piece of food, and the piece is eaten, the person will gain the power in the phrase.  Thus we say, “Happy Birthday!”

The superstition connected with birthday cakes actually has to do with the candles:  It is believed that when it is your birthday you should make a secret wish with the candles on your birthday cake. If you blow all the candles out in one breathe your wish will come true and you will have good luck for the year.  However, if you do not keep your wish a secret it will not come true.

So how do Indians celebrate it?

Well, coming from a place, where religion is utmost importance, doing charity work or visiting a temple is considered auspicious. Also we put an extra candle ( & not blowing it) on the cake to brings good luck. Also, most of the teenagers and young adult of today’s generation – who don’t care less, end up blowing away their (or parents) money on lavish parties and getting sloshed till they drop dead.

So I just hope, on my 22nd birthday, I stumble upon, & blow all the candles (apart from the extra one) on my cake to make my wish come true! 😀