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Everyone has that one odd pair of either shoes or shirt or jeans in their wardrobe which needs to be discarded immediately. But the only thing which stops us is the warm comforting feeling we get when we wear it. No matter how much torn it is, or the amount of skin show it provides from the tiny little holes developed, we just cannot throw them away. You just like the fact that they know you well now. They know exactly when and where to keep you happy. They have outgrown on you so much, that you fail to see, that they are not making you feel comfortable anymore.

You keep them hoarded in your drawer even when you know you won’t wear them anymore. You see them growing old, catching dust. Everyday, you open it to give it away, but the look they have – those puppy dog eyes – you just close it and move away thinking we might just have that one moment in our lives when they’ll again rise from the dead and become our knight in the shining armor. But this is what we think. They just sit there though, giving an evil smirk behind our back. Neither caring nor bothered whether we keep or throw them. They just need someone’s place to stay. Like a baggage we have to carry everywhere.

Honestly, no matter how much you still love them or how many drunk nights you’ve had thinking about them, you know it’s time. It’s time to just have the courage to move your tiny rat ass from that silly zone and move on. Life’s evolving. There are so many better options to choose from. You just have to get up and look.

They have probably saved you from the mud or been there for every part of your life – good and bad – but it’s time to let go of it. Be thankful to them for being the best pair of sneakers/shirt/ jeans you’ve had, and imagine the new sexy ones you’ll be getting soon! šŸ˜€

*Dedication to Pat – For helping me realize this emotional trauma of imagining the old sneakers in dustbin. Thank You. Wouldn’t have done it without you!
Dedication to Neha – You’re a strong girl. Hope this helps!*


This definitely isn’tĀ relatedĀ to the movie.

This is just an amazing fairy tale gone wrong. I always thought that the kind of relationship I share with my guy, nobody can beat that. I was wrong. I misunderstood myself. I took it for granted.

Maybe not all love stories last. Maybe not all modern day Romeo andĀ JulietĀ are meant to have a “happily ever after” life. Why was I in such a huge misconception? Why did I ever thought that no matter whatever happens, we will always be together? Why couldn’t I just be someone he wanted me to be?

I saw his message early morning that he wanted to grow apart. From the past one month, we hadn’t really been talking or seen each other. If we talked, we fought. If we didn’t talked, we felt ignored. I searched for excuses to talk to him. He just didn’t wanted to distract me from my studies.

I did stupid things which pissed him. I don’t blame him. Because I know I was at fault. My urge to break-free from a possessive relationship was taking a strong toll on me. Why did I have to act possessive if I can’t tolerate it myself. Since when did comparisons started coming between lovers? Why did I have to hide things from him if I knew I wasn’t doing anything wrong? Why couldn’t I just tell him he should accept me for what I am?

I got drunk in the morning. Started talking. Initially started with a fight. I told him to meet me and tell me he wanted to grow apart. He came after a lot of convincing from me and my friends. We sat down. Started talking. I started missing us. He told me that I exceeded my limits and this was the last chance he had given me. I didn’t ask for another. Why didn’t I? We talked and talked and talked. Tears, laughter, kisses and hugs all started pouring in. Is it still too late to ask for another final chance?

I could sense that this is the last time. I started hating myself. I thought I matured up. I hadn’t. I still was a kid who would do the same thing again and again, which was told not to be done. Why did I act like that? Why didn’t I ever considered the consequences of my actions?

It just felt so good to be in his arms, lying like a small baby. As if nothing could take us apart. Only that moment just lasted for some brief beautiful hours. The last time I will be so comfortably lying on him without caring about the world.

I apologized. I was sincerely sorry for everything.

As the sun started setting, we finally got up to see each other off. The last few minutes where we held hands, felt like eternity. The time which I thought would last forever, was finally coming to an end.

Everything good comes to an end, right? But why did this come to an end? Why didn’t I see his patience running out?

I don’t blame him. I just loved him too much to care about this relationship I guess.

I just wish he knew I always thought we were meant to be..

PS: Just a small advice to everyone out there. Maybe you’re like me. Maybe you’re like him. I really hope you last if you actually love your other half. But don’t make the same mistakes which I made. šŸ™‚Ā Before it’s too late.