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New Morning, Fresh Start.

Simply red: How to wear red lipstick

Yesterday was one hell of a day. I was feeling pissed and sad, so I went out with my really close friends for drinks. After 3 neat vodkas, 2 breezers (equivalent cranberry juice), and 3 hookahs down, hours of talks with my girls and also with little shopping here and there, car getting towed, reaching back home late with your parents knowing somewhat nothing about your whereabouts, few things i ended up realizing:

1. Not all guys are bitches. But 95% of them are. 5% comprises of 2% in the cusp region (which is pretty much acceptable now), 1% dorks, 1% of guys who are actually good looking and equally well at heart and 1% who are well, not that fortunate with looks yet are awesome than ever.

2. Guys who try to get with you on your first or second date are perfect examples of assholes. It would be really stupid of you (not them) that you would even go out for another date. Strict no no for calls, texts or even further meet ups or giving them chance to improve. Trust me, they won’t.

3. What happened the previous night shouldn’t be even remotely thought about if it wasn’t worth remembering. It’s a new day, start everything afresh.

4. Only your true friends will tell you not to ever get into relationships with the (wrong) guys. 😛 If you’re blinded by the whole “dreamy-eyes-nothing-can-keep-us-apart” feeling for the other one. :/ But that is so gay. They’ll always ask you to flirt or just enjoy things from a distance so that you don’t get hurt.

5. Too much vodka will probably make you impotent after a while. And my current stats for that is : 3 weeks, near about 15-20 neat, 10-15 mixed shots. So if I want to take the trouble of creating cute-sexy-hot progeny, I’ll probably have to cut down on drinks.

6. Till last year, even flavored vodkas, which was somewhat like juice only, got me passing out and puking at good pubs. Now I can hold onto my drinks pretty well. 😀 I’m so happy now.

7. Dubstep is freaking awesome! Always is and will remain so.

8. I guess Paris Hilton is somewhat my style icon. Red lipsticks are HOT!

9. From this, any advice on how to wear it? Mine is weird. I own a Lakme one. And I doubt it’s good because it’s blotchy. Any awesome brands?

*after half and hour of self obsessed pouting pics in red lips*

10. Shopping. And Hungry. 😛

Everyone has few things in their minds to do before they die. Some are just obnoxious, some making our lives worth living. Mine are crazy, adventurous, and lame.

Here’s the list:

  • Visit an active volcano (which contains actual red hot boiling magma).
  • See a tornado.
  • Feel an earthquake (which till now has happened only twice).
  • Visit either or both the poles.
  • WATCH AURORA (this should have come first).
  • Around the world trip (in more than 80 days)!
  • Go in Space.
  • See the Milky Way from Earth (Second one).
  • Watch snowfall.
  • If not complete, partial trip to Mt. Everest.
  • Sleep in an actual haunted place.
  • Write a book.
  • Catch a ghost on tape or picture.
  • Get stranded in France, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland.
  • Communicate with Aliens (if they exist).
  • Get abducted by one.
  • Have my own small company.
  • Make my parents proud of me.
  • Own a McDonald.
  • Fridge with never ending Lindts and Goldkenns and Freys.
  • Get myself placed in Hall of Fame (Guinness or Hollywood or Madame Tussads 😛 or even Le Louvre! )
  • Visit a glacier.
  • Children of Bodom and Skrillex  Excision (my latest dubstep hottie) gig!
  • Own a mansion at a place where I can see the galaxy and aurora.
  • Squeeze a white rat (obvious in a lovey dovey manner) and check whether their eyes actually pop out like they show in cartoons.
  • Own a shop where it’s just handmade papers, stamps, sequins, strings and cards.