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Everyone has that one odd pair of either shoes or shirt or jeans in their wardrobe which needs to be discarded immediately. But the only thing which stops us is the warm comforting feeling we get when we wear it. No matter how much torn it is, or the amount of skin show it provides from the tiny little holes developed, we just cannot throw them away. You just like the fact that they know you well now. They know exactly when and where to keep you happy. They have outgrown on you so much, that you fail to see, that they are not making you feel comfortable anymore.

You keep them hoarded in your drawer even when you know you won’t wear them anymore. You see them growing old, catching dust. Everyday, you open it to give it away, but the look they have – those puppy dog eyes – you just close it and move away thinking we might just have that one moment in our lives when they’ll again rise from the dead and become our knight in the shining armor. But this is what we think. They just sit there though, giving an evil smirk behind our back. Neither caring nor bothered whether we keep or throw them. They just need someone’s place to stay. Like a baggage we have to carry everywhere.

Honestly, no matter how much you still love them or how many drunk nights you’ve had thinking about them, you know it’s time. It’s time to just have the courage to move your tiny rat ass from that silly zone and move on. Life’s evolving. There are so many better options to choose from. You just have to get up and look.

They have probably saved you from the mud or been there for every part of your life – good and bad – but it’s time to let go of it. Be thankful to them for being the best pair of sneakers/shirt/ jeans you’ve had, and imagine the new sexy ones you’ll be getting soon! šŸ˜€

*Dedication to Pat – For helping me realize this emotional trauma of imagining the old sneakers in dustbin. Thank You. Wouldn’t have done it without you!
Dedication to Neha – You’re a strong girl. Hope this helps!*




Get a life, L-who's-ers!

Mind your own business.

Something forgotten by most of us.

Today, my brother’s senior high result came out, which sort of decides his future (the viewpoint of everyone living here in India). Luckily, his result turned out a lot better than we expected – but not leveling up to his peers. Well, competition is tough, so no blame.

Anyhow, well almost everyone who knew about it started ringing up to congratulate etc. But out of those, there are always one or two, who are always heads up about their own kids rather than others. So, there were few acquaintances of ours, who called up my mom to ask her about the result.

So what exactly the conversation was, I have absolutely no clue. But this is what IĀ interpretedĀ from what my mom told me:

Aunty 1: So, how was his result?
Mom: Eehh. Fine. Scored 88%.
Aunty 1: Hmm. Not that good. He does seem to have the caliber though.
Mom: Yeah. But we are pretty satisfied with this too.
Aunty 1: I doubt you should be. I mean my son got 90% something.
Mom: *hsjdgsjkh* Hmm. Okay.
Aunty 1: <<Blabbers about her friends who secured something around 90 plus minus etc>>
Mom: *STFU you freaking moron. I really don’t care about you or your bloody fake life, youĀ pretentiousĀ little bitch*
Aunty 1: <<Still blabbers something about his kid, on how he’s so good in academics etc etc>>
Mom (angrily): Okay. Listen up lady, my kid does everything. He helps out with household chores, drives up even at 12 am to help someone in need etc. He’s not like other bloody kid who just sits at home stuck to his book and getting all arrogant about it. *In your face* (She was pin pointing to her kid)
Aunty 1: <<perhaps silent>> Okay.
Mom Hangs up.

NOTE: All the statements between ” * * ” and Ā ” << >> ” is what would be going in their minds.

So that was more like “Take that suckaa..!” from my mom to her. And I liked it.

But my brother totally went all haloed on it and said, “You shouldn’t have done that. It’s alright. We should just stay focused on our lives rather than poisoning it with hate for other people. And other people commenting shouldn’t really bother you at all.” I agreed. And she went all happy on how great her kid is. XD

But this sort of thing happened with few more aunties who chit chatted with my mum. And one of them came to us too.

Anyho, I always learn something or the other from him, although he is 3.5 years younger to me. But he is more sensible. I’m still a kid. And whenever I need some guy advice or any other stuff, I go to him.

Apart from that:

Exams from tomorrow. Wish me luck. And I completely forgot:

  1. The weather’s back to 43 degrees. Like I said.
  2. I just have 5 hours in all (even though my exam starts at 2 pm) to complete up with more than 7 lengthy chapters. And microprocessors sucks.
  3. Shit. I forgot this one.
Days remaining for my birthday: 47!
And maybe I think too much or it’s really true but I really wanna put up this question:
Do guys get all unromantic and focused more during exams?
Are girls really emotional freaks? (My answer to this: Yes.)
Because apparently my boy (okay. I’ll take the blame for this) doesn’t really bother up much these days. And he said that he really loved me. And now for him it’s more like, “I really don’t care”. (Perhaps this is because of my attitude. And I made him all fucked up with me, which is totally acceptable for his current behavior. But yeah. I do love him.)
Okay. And yes. Chances for this might being my last post are pretty high. Because if he reads this, he’ll definitely kill me.
Peace my little minions! šŸ˜›
And yes. He might even kill me for the fact that I even thought that he would kill me for mentioning him. Or that he doesn’t love me anymore. Or how much I think. Or anything.
Okay. I do think a lot.