So there are hardly few days left for my birthday.

55 days to be exact! 😛

Yes, I understand that 55 IS a big number. But you can’t kill the joy out of the kid, right?

Well, birthday holds different meaning for everyone. The general one includes all night long parties, booze, sexy dress, cake (almost forgot about this) etc. Balloons and party poppers too.

But maybe I don’t want all this. Or maybe I do. But right now, the only thing running in my mind is a SLR Camera. I love to click. I get inspired by a lot of people in this field. And I do want to have my own photo blog, where even a plain picture will personify it’s beauty. SLR gives life to anything, everything. And plus the picture clarity is amazing too. I’m tired of my digi. And it has developed a new fun filled hobby. The mode switches from normal image to video to sweep paranoma, without us even touching it. So if I want to take a video, it will keep on twitching to sweep or image mode on it’s own. Which gets pretty irritating after a while.

Anyhow, it’s out of my budget for the time being.

And I should probably get back to my books. Damn exams, I tell you..! Destroys the fun out of life. And especially my university aces and aims in this.

We have to get our parents to college because of our short attendance. How silly and insane is that! What are we? 5?

P.S.: Last year, one of my family friend gave me a bracelet as a birthday gift. And it had a real baby crab (being a cancerian) in it. And to be honest, I have no clue where it is now!

Crab-by Bracelet

My Previous Year's (2010) Birthday Present

The package did imply towards the authenticity of the poor little creature. I feel so sorry for it.