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Everyone has few things in their minds to do before they die. Some are just obnoxious, some making our lives worth living. Mine are crazy, adventurous, and lame.

Here’s the list:

  • Visit an active volcano (which contains actual red hot boiling magma).
  • See a tornado.
  • Feel an earthquake (which till now has happened only twice).
  • Visit either or both the poles.
  • WATCH AURORA (this should have come first).
  • Around the world trip (in more than 80 days)!
  • Go in Space.
  • See the Milky Way from Earth (Second one).
  • Watch snowfall.
  • If not complete, partial trip to Mt. Everest.
  • Sleep in an actual haunted place.
  • Write a book.
  • Catch a ghost on tape or picture.
  • Get stranded in France, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland.
  • Communicate with Aliens (if they exist).
  • Get abducted by one.
  • Have my own small company.
  • Make my parents proud of me.
  • Own a McDonald.
  • Fridge with never ending Lindts and Goldkenns and Freys.
  • Get myself placed in Hall of Fame (Guinness or Hollywood or Madame Tussads 😛 or even Le Louvre! )
  • Visit a glacier.
  • Children of Bodom and Skrillex  Excision (my latest dubstep hottie) gig!
  • Own a mansion at a place where I can see the galaxy and aurora.
  • Squeeze a white rat (obvious in a lovey dovey manner) and check whether their eyes actually pop out like they show in cartoons.
  • Own a shop where it’s just handmade papers, stamps, sequins, strings and cards.

DIY Skeleton Leaves

I was really getting bored today, so I tried making Skeleton Leaves. Even though it was first in-my-senses try, it turned out better than I expected. And since I just wanted to get over with it quickly, I brushed it up with few basic colors.

Didn’t wanted to go for the Stone-age method of pressing the leaves for weeks etc., hence went for the quick and easy way out:

  1. Take a pan. Add water (at least half of the pan size or depending upon the number of leaves you’ll be putting in), baking soda (about 2-3 tsp) and baking powder (2-3 tsp).
  2. Boil the leaves till they are soft.
  3. Remove it from the fire and delicately rub of its flesh (keeping in mind that the structure doesn’t get torn).
  4. Bleach it. (I added Non-Fruit Vinegar for a quick result).
  5. Dye, paint or use it as it is on your greeting cards.
Here it is what it looks like:
Leaves 1

Step 1

Leaves 2

Step 2: The Bleached Leaf

Leaves 3

Step 2: Continued

Leaves 5

Step 3: Let your imagine rule! I didn't though.

Leaves 6

Pink and Golden

Leaves 7


Leaves 8

Made by my Mum (Mauve)

Leaves 9

The last one went on as a Green

Leaves 10

I loved the colors!


This goes for my babe. Complimentary. 😛 Love you.