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Okay. I’ll confess from the bottom of my heart.

I love the exam season. I love how we get up everyday, pick up a book and start mugging things up. I love how, after the exam, we go back home – complaining how sad the paper was and whoever made it, should be electrocuted. Go to sleep, wake up, and start the same schedule all over again. The pressure of clearing exams is pretty much comforting in itself. Nobody cares how shabby you look (although I have seen this trait for girls in college, they tend to over dress during exams) or how much beard you’ve grown. The all nighters, texting friends how much syllabus they are leaving etc., is just satisfying.

Okay, we do whine about how it keeps going on and on – even more than stone-age might have lasted – but I won’t deny the fact, it just keeps me going in life. At least, I have something to look forward to. I mean look at me right now, vacations (yay! :|) are on, and nothing is motivating me to do something constructive. Even though if I started jotting down points, I’ll probably end up with incalculable list of things to get done and over with.
But pah! I’m just sitting, eating, sleeping and going through the news feeds from my friends on Facebook, reading how they are going to places to celebrate the end-of-exam time (few are still holidaying and few already got done with), few partying out with friends all day long or some leaving for their post-grad or jobs etc. And I’m just stuck here, with my silly brother – who hit me so hard yesterday, that I ended up crying (LOL on me!) and who doesn’t talk to me if I crept in the tiny space between him and the end of the bed.

*The part where I started losing it BIG time*

Fuck Indian society, to be honest. I hate how people are shallow on almost everything. I hate how we have to stick around with parents till we don’t get married or get a job out of your hometown. I hate the fact, that we have to live up with our folks money. I mean cmon, people, get a bloody fucking life. Open up. You see a couple getting cozy – guy is cheap and girl’s a slut. You see a girl wearing short skirt or shorts or anything revealing, it’s a ritual to get stared from all generations – and mostly in a negative way. You can’t step out after a certain period of time to meet your friends. People speak utter shit about you if someone’s jealous of you for something. I hate every moment of it. To be at the top, you must have greens ready to throw in hand, beauty or brains (not necessary even if it’s just beauty), swanky mansion with blings and expensive rides etc. How can you say India’s progressing if people don’t progress with their mindsets?

*The part where I regain my conscience*

India has a rich culture heritage where people from all over the world come to find their inner peace (well at least in few places). And people reach where they are with their efforts. Yes, few were born with platinum spoons in their mouth, but with the rest of the society, it’s hard work  and luck here and there. And I shouldn’t expect to have a win-win situation all the time. There will be defeats, points where you would just want to give up in life, but that’s the whole point of living right? And well, you can’t even expect people to change in a night too. If people are narrow-minded, then why fuss. Just get up and face it. They won’t change, you have to. Adapt to the environment, mold yourself accordingly. World, itself will start looking good. And one shouldn’t get intimidated by others. You are special in a way, just have to find it. Also, stop having issues with people around you. There are definitely million things about which you can worry about. Just ignore it and enjoy life.

So, overall I just realized, how bad hunger can strike your thoughts.

MORAL: Never stay hungry!


So, the day before yesterday something funny and scary happened with my brother.

It must be around 2 am. He was having this conference with his friends in his room locked. And I was fast asleep in my room. So, around 2.15, the door opened itself. He ignored it, thinking it might have been the air etc . He went, while talking to his friends, and closed the door. So not even in less than 2 mins, again his door slightly opened up and he thought that I was peeking through it. He kinda freaked out. So he went, flung open the door, just to realize nobody was there. He came to my room and checked whether I was awake or not to study. But I was fast asleep. He ignored it too and just went back in his room, locked it and resumed his chat.

After 5-10 mins, the door, yet again, opened up. He went towards the door, with his heart racing even faster than the speed of light. He pushed the door knob to lock it, and while he did that, something pushed outside the door, counterbalancing the force applied by him on the other side. And within a matter of fraction of a second, he felt the door opening with a greater force than he was applying.

His heart skipped a beat (maybe a million), hung up on his friend, came running in my room and asked if he could sleep with me or not. He narrated the story to me, but me being half asleep and getting equally half scared, just told him to shut up and get his stuff and crash.

So, I’m not saying that I believe my house is haunted. Neither am I chucking out the fact that there is world beyond the living. But belonging from a family where God is placed and worshiped in every nook and corner of the house, we both (me and my brother) doubt the existence of  something evil to be roaming around at my place. Also, we cannot be so sure that the “spirit” has be necessarily evil. It can be someone who wants good too. But still. We are scared and a bit terrified, and equally laughing at our psycho brains for even going to such an extreme level.

Any suggestions of what it might be?

PS: Just to clear out a few things –

  1. There was no source of wind or anything related which could cause the door to behave like that.
  2. Yeah. We do watch horror flicks like the rest of you and yes, we are not denying the fact that it might be our brains playing tricks on us.
  3. Also, this is not the first time something like this happened. We (me and my brother) always feel as if someone is staring at us across the hall. Again point no. 2 accepted and taken in mind.
  4. We hear pretty stupid noises like someone’s walking at bloody 3 in the morning. Heavy objects being dragged from one place to another. Again, we think that since the building we live in, has been constructed a long time back, the material used is getting damaged, and our upstairs neighbors have a little girl, who likes to get up at odd hours, wear her mom’s stilettos and jump around the house.
  5. So, all in all, me and brother do think of our house being haunted. But we do tend to laugh it off for being such an ass and thinking a little more than we should.
  6. Also, my mom is a strong Hindu devout. She does the pujas on regular basis. We light lamps twice, chant mantras and prayers to Almighty, everyday. And whoever comes to our place always leaves with a comment that “Our house gives them a very beautiful and heavenly aura”. And they find it really peaceful.
So if you have any comments or suggestions regarding what should be done, feel free to comment.