It’s a Sunday. A very extremely hot Sunday. Dad’s off for another official trip to Srinagar (the place where our family would have been right now, had it not been for my ditching friends! :/).

So anyhow, I was watching Discovery’s Travel and Living channel, where they were showing a trip to Antarctica. Obvious, since it’s in my bucket list, I was more and more excited to see the presenter embark his journey to the 5th largest continent in the world.

As their ship cruised through the beautiful sapphire colored Atlantic loaded with sheets of ice, the amazingly untouched nature’s creativity boasted of its presence everywhere. The whales, yawning seals, boulders of ice floating on the ocean, looked like the scene straight out of the postcards.

Is it possible for anyone to visit it, I thought? Even if I turn 60, and even if it takes all my life’s saving, I promised myself, I am going to visit this place for sure.

People have so many dream destinations. Well, my award definitely goes to this one!

Thus began my fanatic search for ship or planes. Obvious, currently it’s beyond my budget, but I can’t wait for the day when I’ll be on deck, with the special someone, watching my ship cut through small pieces of ice to make place for our safe landing.

PS: Aurora would be probably serve as a cherry on top! 😛

My Dream Destination