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Turning 23

Wow. I finally turned 23. Big thing. *sarcastic yeay*

And yes. I hate when people tell me that “hey, I wanted to give you a surprise. Should I give it or not?!”

I mean cmon people! Surprises, especially on birthdays, are killer. Don’t ask. Just give it. Why are you killing it by telling me about it!

You don’t bloody go, knocking at the person’s door telling them “Hey. I’m probably going to give you a car when you turn 23. Should I?” That’s just plain ridiculous. Honestly. Yes.

And the streak of sucky birthday goes on! Only this time, I practically have no one to share it with. But I just end up consoling myself that it’s going to be awesome next year!

Fingers crossed.

Happy 23 to me. I just hope things get fine soon. I’m not really liking it anyway! :/

Love to straight faces. 😛

I love GLITTERS! Basically anything which shines! 😀

So, I’ve been away for sometime, considering the fact I finally started becoming a little regular with this. Anyhow, had a lot on my sleeves. Friends coming and leaving, fights, lots of fun, various “iHeart” moments, few scary, few frustrating, few cherished.

I was sitting and watching a video my dad made while he was on an official trip. A spokeswoman said “All good things comes to an end..” and something which I didn’t bothered to hear. You enjoy, have fun, and then it just goes away. Without any thoughts. So fuck you good things.

Another thing which crossed my mind while I was watching something today. The famous quote:

“Love is like a bird.. Set it free. If it comes back, it is yours. If it doesn’t, it never was.”

My version:

“Love is like a bird. Set it free. If it comes back, it was a boomerang. If it doesn’t, it probably was a bird only”. :/

I feel that a person who truly loves you, will always take you back. No matter what. And people who don’t, perhaps they never truly loved you. So be strong and start a new life.

And no more love bitching. *Lips zipped* I’ve pretty much lost it.

And I’ve heard how beautiful the fireworks are on the 4th. I so wish I could see it. In India, our fourth comes during diwali. A festival of lights. And a lot of pollution. Considering our ever growing population.


Carnation of Fire

So wishing all of you a HAPPY 4th of July. Hope you have an amazing day with your loved ones.

PS: Blue sapphire and pearls never go together. They keep you angry at all times. It’s a gemstone theory. Tried and tested.

PPS: God, have mercy and please make it rain! Please!