I would leave this blank. I am writing back after a break of near about 3 months. I don’t know why I am here, or what I’ll even write about. I actually had “hit and trail” with my password twice!

The festive season’s back! And hell yes! So are my bloody exams. 😛

I’m not here to crib today about my fucking college though. Nor how sad, at times, my life gets.

I just want to feel optimistic now. Not of my love, for a change. And I don’t even want to drag that in between right now. But maybe for no reason at all.


*Okay. Hmm. I don’t have bunny teeth I suppose*

I want to be in the arms of my few crazy-ass friends, enjoy with them, and come back home with lots of good memories. Trash every negativity developing within me into the space, and just live in my small little fantasy world.

This might be possible because I just completed the Harry Potter series. And especially during exams. Which is something pretty risky.  But anyhow, somewhere I feel that everything will change. It will take a nice turn soon.

A lot many things happened in these few months. Some good, some terrible. But every moment worth the cherish.

Just want to tell anyone who drops by here, even accidentally, that He’s there watching you over. He’s the Santa Claus, the guardian angel, our parent. He will make everything perfect. Just wait for it patiently. Don’t feel bad for something you didn’t get. Don’t feel cheated for what you slogged all night long, went into the hands of your nemesis.

Something IS waiting for you. Better than you expected. Even if it’s something as small as grain of sand. You just have to wait. Work for it. And see the miracle. Don’t fret for what you don’t have. Be happy with what you do. Because at the end of the day, it’s your thought which counts.

Smile & Love yourself, for who you are, how bad you have been to others or anything. Because there is something good in everyone.

Happy Festive Season, everyone!

*Strong courtesy to Harry Potter*

PS: This is dedicated to Pat, someone miles away from where I live, who has always encouraged me at every step.
Sweet lady, you have comforted so many innocent hearts with your kind words, that I have nothing apart but praise you for your immense and amazing strength and courage as a woman, friend, wife, mother; for taking care, loving compassionately strangers unknown to you. Belief is what I take from you, for understanding life so beautifully and making others believe that it’s all meant and will be good.
Love you Pat! 🙂 Hope to hear from you soon.