As soon as I uploaded a picture of me and my boyfriend, I started getting calls and messages asking me “Is this your guy?”. To everyone’s shock, he wasn’t the usual – chiseled faced, gym body with abs, fair with sharp features. He wasn’t labeled as what my previous guys were tagged as – “HOT” or someone for whom all drooled over and even jealous for.

He was a normal guy, 6’3, a little towards the heavier side.

I replied – “Yeah, why did you ask?”
—- “Umm, you know. I mean cmon! Look at you. You don’t even complement each other. He looks like a huge demon holding a little angel. Are you with him for the money or something?”

I laugh, at times with an aghast expression and reply – “WHAT? Love is blind! Had I cared for the money, I would have said yes to him at the first go, rather than making him wait for a bloody month! I love him for a reason. For the package he is. Not on what he carries in his back pocket!”

This actually got me wondering, why does the society always expect a decent looking girl to date a hot shot or at times a really weird guy who is driving a BMW? I mean if that sort of thing actually started happening, I guess, none of the decent looking us, will ever get a guy because all the good looking ones will be settling for a hot girl/guy themselves.

For those who can’t digest this fact, let me just shed some light on few of the famous “Odd Couples”:

  1. Heidi Klum and Seal – I guess, even in the wildest dream, no one would have ever thought that a Victoria’s Secret supermodel would fall for dark chocolate skinned Seal (No offence to him. I have huge respect for him, his life & his work). She was probably expected to date someone equally hot like Brad Pitt or someone from his genre. But she clearly stated that she fell in love with him from the first time he saw him. And I give them all my blessings. They are at top in their fields, and they are happily married and still happily in love.

  2. Woody Allen and Soon Yi Previn – She was his so called daughter and he betrayed her then girlfriend for their adopted daughter. They have been together for almost 18 years together now.

  3. Quasimodo and Esmeralda  – Our favorite Disney classic Hunchback of Notre Dame. Need I say more?
There are so many odd couples everywhere. But we those who know them only acknowledge their affection and compassion, and not their differences. No matter how much their association might shake us, they will be known as the ever-so-cute-and-loving couple.
So why not accept us? 😛
Happy Anniversary Love.
I know we have a rough patch on our relationship, and things might be different than before. But at times, everything just happens for the best. 🙂