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DIY Skeleton Leaves

I was really getting bored today, so I tried making Skeleton Leaves. Even though it was first in-my-senses try, it turned out better than I expected. And since I just wanted to get over with it quickly, I brushed it up with few basic colors.

Didn’t wanted to go for the Stone-age method of pressing the leaves for weeks etc., hence went for the quick and easy way out:

  1. Take a pan. Add water (at least half of the pan size or depending upon the number of leaves you’ll be putting in), baking soda (about 2-3 tsp) and baking powder (2-3 tsp).
  2. Boil the leaves till they are soft.
  3. Remove it from the fire and delicately rub of its flesh (keeping in mind that the structure doesn’t get torn).
  4. Bleach it. (I added Non-Fruit Vinegar for a quick result).
  5. Dye, paint or use it as it is on your greeting cards.
Here it is what it looks like:
Leaves 1

Step 1

Leaves 2

Step 2: The Bleached Leaf

Leaves 3

Step 2: Continued

Leaves 5

Step 3: Let your imagine rule! I didn't though.

Leaves 6

Pink and Golden

Leaves 7


Leaves 8

Made by my Mum (Mauve)

Leaves 9

The last one went on as a Green

Leaves 10

I loved the colors!


This goes for my babe. Complimentary. ­čśŤ Love you.

The Eclipsed Moon

Okay, I couldn’t really stay for a longer period to get the cover up for the moon, but yes, I somehow managed to get few decent enough pictures of the lunar eclipse. This was taken with the help of┬ábinoculars, otherwise the moon wouldn’t have even been visible!

Moon 1
Initial Stage
Moon 2

Stage 2

Moon 3

Stage 3

Moon 4

Stage 4

Moon 5

The Final Stage. The small speck in the middle, near the green is the Moon

Moon 5

Even though it's hardly visible, but it's there! The small blurry grey spot is the moon.