Omg! It’s such a beautiful weather outside. The wind, the thunder, the drizzle, the amazing freshness in the air. Incredible! Such a relief from the scorching 43 degrees Celsius.

But this generally happens when:

  1. The Met department officially declares that we will have to face the harsh heat of the sun for another 2 or 3 weeks.
  2. We have preparatory leaves for our exams. Believe me, on the 24th, our first external, we would all be dying because of the extreme sultriness. Our college has the worst ventilating system ever, where we can even sit and count the rotation of the fan. Also, to add to our misery, no AC.
And my camera goes missing at the very right moment.

The nice weather which is not even visible in this. (Taken from my iPod)

All the pictures below were taken earlier from my digital camera.

Rain 1

This is how it actually looks when it rains.

Rain 2

The tiny strands of water falling from the sky

Rain 3

The beautiful rain

Rain 4

Clinging on to it.

Rain 5

Taken an year or two back from my Motorola E6 (r.i.p)