Alright. I know I can be really gruesome and gore at times. But that is  just for people who trouble my mom over petty issues like academics and makes her feel as if we – as her kids – are incompetent of doing anything worthwhile in our lives. And their kids were born to be next “Bill Gates” or “Donald Trump”.

So this post is dedicated to all those fucking loser uncles and aunties, who are working with my mom in their office, that may all of them fuck themselves and their fucking “oh-so-perfect” kids and lives. And also may God make them suffer, so that they think twice before they say anything about any other kid in the world. Because they are just equally sick and frustrated with their own bloody lives so much that they seek pleasure in other’s sadness.

And believe me, I so wanna put them in all the situations like “Billy” does in “Saw” movie series and make sure none of them comes out alive.

I know, there are a lot many of us out there, like me, who have faced or are facing a similar situation like this. We may not be born to live an amazing life. But we are at least sensitive, when we see people who can’t do better than us.

P.S.: I’m not a Satan worshiper. But if anybody out there is interested in casting a spell on few people I want to take revenge on, please do contact me. I’ll be glad. Oh! And even if you want to give instructions on how to do the same, I’ll be glad to take up your suggestions. But keep the ingredients simple, India doesn’t have much of variety.